Brighthouse Excessive 29.9% APR


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This is a particularly annoying advert. Everyone is watching their cash as the economic crisis bites. Inevitably this hits the poorest the hardest. With more people looking for work, even poorly paid jobs are sought after.

Brighthouse are tempting people with the possibility of owning new household items like flat screen television, sofas, washing machines. No credit check, nothing. But all this comes at a cost namely 29.9% APR just 0.1% short of 30%. Ask who are the people that are most likely to take up an offer like this? Thrifty people, those with money to spend or people that are depressed, on a low income but don’t have the willpower to save up money.

This is just making excessive profit from people who are the least able to afford it. It is all rather unsavoury.

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  • hello
    we have been with bright house for 4 yrs or longer

    we are always late in paying as we are on benifits
    and depents when our moneys gets paid into a bank but we are always uyp to date with payments
    the bad things about bright house they make there own rules , we pay an overpayment charge on each item
    if we miss paying on a friday and pay the following monday
    but they ask you to pay that weeks money also and if you
    tell them you will pay that by saturday they tell you you cannot do that , this is not in there agreement of contract . and they harrass me every week phoning me every day asking me when am i going to pay or dont for. get to pay if they carry on like thiks i will not pay them a penny and keep there goods as i have paid over a 3rd
    they are breaching there contract, the worst company i have ever met and would never recommend any one to
    purchase goods from them if you do not like harrasment every week

    Comment by geoff — June 22, 2010 @ 12:06 pm

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