BT Jane and Adam Advert Voting

BT Adam and Jane Advert Vote

Filed under: Advertising Idiots — Carl Hepburn @ 11:00 pm August 26, 2010

I reserve a special form of hatred for advertisers that try and get you involved in their products. Not content with replaying the same crappy adverts they ask us to do their job for them so that we, the audience, become involved in the product. In this case, making the mundane service of supplying a conduit for porn and torrents a Zen life-changing experience.
In the BT ads, we have this mini soap opera between Jane and Adam, which has been going on for far too long in my opinion. I would like to enlighten you and bring you up to date as to the story so far but I can scarcely give a damn about characters whose life problems can be solved by a wifi connection. Broadly speaking, I think they had a bit of a bust-up and now she is pregnant so he is going to be the first wireless father, whereby he visits his child entirely online saving money on their BT Home Hub and saving money on child maintenance.

Anyway, I digress. In the last completely forgettable ad, we were invited to vote on what should happen in the story. Viewers with less restraint obviously opted for them to get back together again. Unfortunately they didn’t include in the voting options my suggestion that the entire cast be incinerated by a MOAB that accidently fell out of a passing C-130 aircraft because their router was working on the same frequency. Oh and stop charging line-rental for a copper wire that was installed years ago.

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  • It’s got almost to the ‘false advertising’ stage now – pretty (is this super-fast data, it IS isn’t it?) floaty things are landing all around this pair’s aspirational conservatory . . . . amazing, sick, stupid.

    Comment by Steve — March 24, 2011 @ 9:06 pm

  • Is this the one where she’s lying on a bed at the end and we’re being invited to contribute to the dross that inspires some people (marketing lackys) to spontaneously start Facebook pages ?

    Unfortunately I always feel i’m being asked to decide whether she keeps the baby or not.. am I alone in this ?

    That cant be what they’re really asking… is it ?

    Comment by Rob — April 3, 2011 @ 5:23 pm

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