June, 2009 | Bad TV Adverts, Bad Ads

Mazuma Mobile Phone Recycling

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Do you have an old mobile phone knocking around? Why not turn it into cash. Simply log into Mazuma Mobile  type in the make and model and we’ll tell you how much it is worth. Well no need because I can tell you how much it is worth. Fuck all in most cases.

Unless you have an up-to-date mobile phone, like an iPhone or Nokia N95 that is still perfectly serviceable, it is worth bugger all. Try it. Sony P800, a very advanced smart phone in its time. It cost about £600 when new, it is worth £3 last time I looked.

What do you think happens to these phones? They go to third-world countries and are sold on at huge profit. Having any mobile phone  in these place can save lives and spawn new businesses but the advert is quite sparing in the details. Phones that cannot be reused are scrapped to extract their materials.

Recycling is a good thing but what about when these mobiles can no longer be used? Will they end up on rubbish tips in places where there are no environmental laws. It is questionable whether this is truly an environmental solution. I am not singling out Mazuma in particular,there are many companies that will take your phone off your  hands for money but they are all based on the same business model.

Morrisons Supermarket Trolley

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Morrison’s supermarket is trying to gain market share by using pointless celebrities to reinforce their commitment to quality. I am not sure of the creative process that lead to this advert. A celebrity, appears in various remote locations pushing a supermarket trolley. Do the advertisers think that we are so stupid that we will forget that it is an advert for a supermarket?

We had Hammond in the Panploma Bull run with a trolley; in a glider with a supermarket trolley; Robert Lindsey in a stream with a supermarket trolley. Actually, that one was already in the river as is its natural habitat. A trolley on an ice sheet. We get it. Morrision’s is a supermarket!