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The Power of Advertising – Green Army!

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We are exposed to a tremendous amount of advertising and we think that it just washes over us but there are times when it astounds me how powerful it can be.

Sainsbury’s Finance

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The story behind this advert is a typical scene of advertising stereotypes. A mother and her teenage son are out on a shopping trip to buy the weekly groceries. The son is an advert-safe teenager, who thinks that he is really cool, a bit of a rebel. But let’s face it, comes across as a bit of a curly haired, annoying twat.

Sensodyne Iso-Active Toothpaste Advert

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This advert has simple concept. Take someone that uses your product and get them to talk about it, then people will go out and buy it. Well it is seems like a good idea but it backfires if you choose someone that is clinically insane. Seriously, this woman takes enthusiasm to a whole new level.


We Buy Any Car (.com)

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There is a thought in advertising that the more annoying the advert, the more it will stick in the mind and therefore the more it will influence people into buying your product. This is complete tosh as exemplified by the We Buy Any Car Advert.
They must have spent all their money buying cars because there was only about 5p left to make this crappy advert.
It looks like it was made by a six year old child with a donated PC from the late 90s and the earliest edition of Adobe Flash. Cut out car shapes like you used to find in Fuzzy Felt move along a motorway not making it to the other end of the screen before being transformed into a sold sign. (If you watch the advert closely, they don’t buy every car. There are several cars that get away without being bought.)

The sound track is equally naff. It sound like a variation of the Mc Mental Chav dance and also doubles as sensory torture for use by the American government at Guantanamo Bay, as it is the just the continual repetition of the phrase “We buy any car” with a vocoded “.com” tacked onto the end of the sentence.

Full Of It

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What is Jenny Eclair, respected rude comedienne  doing this government agency advert for salt in food? In this ad, she looks like a strict headmistress as she nags us about salt in food. Too much salt is bad and this advert is supposed to highlight this fact. It reveals the startling fact that there is a lot of salt in processed food. In fact it is ‘full of it’ as the annoying jingle hammers home. How you can find out if there is too much salt in your food? Look at the label. Thank goodness for the Food Standards Agency.  I would never have figured that out.

By the same token, too much salt is also pretty bad for supermarket trolleys apparently, especially when they are falling from a great height in slow motion. This advert is ‘full of it’ and it isn’t salt.