April, 2010 | Bad TV Adverts, Bad Ads

Cow & Gate Babies Advert

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Maybe I just have a heart of stone but  this advert with laughing gurgling, freaky, cackling babies just makes me cringe. It consists of a succession of babies laughing with a jarring pinging sound. I get the feeling they are trying to condition me like you might with a dog with a clicker during obedience training.

Oh, and the last fat faced, gurgling baby sounds like my grandfather coughing up phlegm from smoking too many Woodbines. When I see this advert now, I just instinctively grab my remote control and press the mute button as it is so painful. It is a terrible advert. Please stop it.

Glade Pebble Air Freshener Advert

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Glade have a bad track record when it comes to adverts. They are the ones that made the almost universally hated ad in which a spoilt brat announces to his mother, “I want to do a poo a Paul’s!” Well done, both disgusting and annoying at the same time. Creators also of the loveless couple who know each others habits so well that the women predicts exactly where to place her air freshener and also how her stupid husband will huff and chuck his stinking sports kit on the chair.

Now they have another in their series of tedious adverts which is set in a boring suburban scene where a group of women are looking at a collection of pebbles that one of the twee, idiot women has collected from every single one of  her holidays. “Where’s this one from”, one women exclaims with interest.

“Oh, that’s from Greece.”

“And this one?”

“That’s from France”

“How about this one?”

That’s an air freshener.” and they fall about  laughing at their mistake because it looks like a pebble, you see, and she mistakes it for a pebble in the collection. Ah, how we laughed.

Volvic Water 14 Day Challenge Advert

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The Volvic 14-day challenge urges participants to drink a litre and a half of bottled water a day. In this video diary style ad we are introduced to an annoying twat called Jimmy  who is so amiable, enthusiastic and gullible. Jimmy is apt to saying stupid things like or “That’s a lot of water, but if it makes me feel better then I’ll give it a bash.” or “I’ve got five minutes off work and yeah I’m gonna have a cheeky Volvic.”

It would be good, if on day 14 of his Volvic challenge he ended up in intensive care with some cheeky water poisoning.

The idea of drinking 1.5 litres of bottled water to keep you hydrated is based on the amount of water that the body is supposed to lose each day and drinking 2 litres a day is much favoured by  some supermodels. However, the idea is completely fallacious but the myth of drinking extra water persists despite experiments which disprove that additional drinking water has any benefit to your health or skin. Most people are well hydrated by the water in the food and drink in their diet so drinking bottled water this is completely unnecessary.

It must have been a great day in the office when advertisers persuaded people to buy bottled water at a more than 10,000 times the cost of tap water (source: Times Online) and we haven’t even got on to the environmental effect of making, transporting and disposal of the plastic bottles.

Gambling Adverts

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The growth in online gambling has made it more easy than ever before to join online casinos. To make people aware of their products there are lots of companies advertising on television. Some of these adverts are bad, not because of their production values but because they are show the product in an unrealistic manner. For example, I have just watched an advert for William Hill online casino in which various casino scenes are shown in their domestic equivalence. i.e. man in bath robe walking through the casino, etc. While I think that people should be able to gamble if they want to, I don’t think that the adverts should show people winning in the advert as this is the least likely thing to happen. While, I can see what looks like a man, with his smelly socks on the Blackjack table, who might be losing, this is scene is not nearly as emphasised as the man playing roulette, while is wife drying a saucepan, raking in the Hob-Nobs for chips. The overall impression I am left with is, if I gamble, I will win lots of money while probability theory tells me that the odds are stacked against me.

Afterall, when advertising alcohol, you are not supposed to associate drinking with being cool or having a good time. (Even though I think there are several adverts which do, Stella Artois 4 piano ad for example.)