July, 2010 | Bad TV Adverts, Bad Ads

Go Compare Calypso Version

Filed under: Advertising Idiots — Carl Hepburn @ 3:43 pm July 31, 2010

What is worse than a shrieking opera singer wailing ‘Go Compare’ ad nauseam? It is Calypso music juxtaposed with an opera singer wailing ‘Go Compare’ ad nauseam. God. It is fucking annoying. Every time I see this advert, it make me reach for my remote control to turn the sound off.

This opera singer idea just doesn’t work. Give it up already. It doesn’t work because it is a crap idea. It doesn’t work because on a desert island you don’t have a car and even if you did, you don’t need car insurance. It would make a pretty short episode of Bear Grylls. All he would need to do would be wait for the idiot to arrive shouting in his ear to renew his car insurance. I wouldn’t buy anything from the Go Compare website now.