Discovery Channel Trailers/Adverts

Discovery Channel Trailers/Adverts

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When I started watching cable television on Virgin Media I thought that the programmes on the Discovery Channel were quite good but after a while I realised that it very US biased and actually very low quality television. The subject matter of shows is very limited and is intended to get the widest possible audience. As Rick Gervais said if you want to know about Sharks and Nazis then the Discovery Channel is for you. At the moment it is actually mostly about criminology and explosions. I feel that I am fully qualified to perform a forensic investigation of a murder. Need to look for blood that has been cleaned up? Spray Luminol. Shoot bullets from the suspect’s gun into water to test for characteristic marking on bullets.
There are very few types of programs and none of them is in the least bit enquiring. The only good programme that has come from Discovery has been Mythbusters and even then with many of the myths you feel that a bit of GCSE physics will answer the question.
But even more frustrating are the numerous ad breaks and trailers for other Discovery shows. They all have loud, compressed soundtracks which make the volume level jump to an uncomfortable level.
It all ends up making the channel un-watchable. Soon, I am just going to stop watching television altogether because it so annoying.

It makes me very angry to pay for a service and then spend most of the time waiting for the programmes to continue because they are showing poor quality filler trailers and adverts. The only Discovery I have made while watching it is that it is crap.

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