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Expensive Model – Lancaster Bomber

Filed under: Advertising Idiots — Carl Hepburn @ 8:43 pm September 10, 2009

We are starting to see the re-emergence of magazines that are not so much about the published content but are all about building something by collecting parts each week. Usually they involve building an impressive looking model. This time we have a model of a Lancaster bomber. It does look quite impressive. If I were ruled by my heart I might decide to build this, but fortunately, I am rational man and inveterate reader of the small print. They might lure you by having the first edition at £1.99 but 125 editions at £4.99 makes this a very expensive model at £620,75. And this assumes the ability to build it correctly but does not include the tools or additional materials required such as paints.   A lot of the work must be in the finishing. I wonder how many will be built? Better off buying a plastic Airfix model.

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  • I liked the Peter Serafinowicz sketch on these types of magazines. Do you like elephants? Do you like trains? Then you’ll love Elephants and Trains magazine…

    Comment by Terry Vision — February 21, 2012 @ 2:03 am

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