Gambling Adverts

Gambling Adverts

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The growth in online gambling has made it more easy than ever before to join online casinos. To make people aware of their products there are lots of companies advertising on television. Some of these adverts are bad, not because of their production values but because they are show the product in an unrealistic manner. For example, I have just watched an advert for William Hill online casino in which various casino scenes are shown in their domestic equivalence. i.e. man in bath robe walking through the casino, etc. While I think that people should be able to gamble if they want to, I don’t think that the adverts should show people winning in the advert as this is the least likely thing to happen. While, I can see what looks like a man, with his smelly socks on the Blackjack table, who might be losing, this is scene is not nearly as emphasised as the man playing roulette, while is wife drying a saucepan, raking in the Hob-Nobs for chips. The overall impression I am left with is, if I gamble, I will win lots of money while probability theory tells me that the odds are stacked against me.

Afterall, when advertising alcohol, you are not supposed to associate drinking with being cool or having a good time. (Even though I think there are several adverts which do, Stella Artois 4 piano ad for example.)

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  • I have personal knowledge of ‘ordinary’ people who would not have ever thought about setting foot into a casino who have been exposed to online ganimg vis daytime TV adverts and have then got into serious financial trouble. It worries me that most of these ads are on during the day and are obviously aimed at women who can probably least afford to spend money on such things. We know have a new Govt. Let’s hope that they act on this shameful practice and outlaw these ‘dangerous’ ads…

    Comment by Broomfield — May 19, 2010 @ 8:32 pm

  • It’s difficult to understand that people seem to be unaware that the cash to pay for the adverts, as well as the systems to support the on-line gaming, comes from the money they lose. Add to that the undoubtedly handsome profits for the owners and there is little hope of winning any significant amounts.

    Comment by Harley — June 13, 2011 @ 9:27 pm

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