Morrisons Supermarket Trolley

Morrisons Supermarket Trolley

Filed under: Uncategorized — Carl Hepburn @ 1:39 pm June 30, 2009

Morrison’s supermarket is trying to gain market share by using pointless celebrities to reinforce their commitment to quality. I am not sure of the creative process that lead to this advert. A celebrity, appears in various remote locations pushing a supermarket trolley. Do the advertisers think that we are so stupid that we will forget that it is an advert for a supermarket?

We had Hammond in the Panploma Bull run with a trolley; in a glider with a supermarket trolley; Robert Lindsey in a stream with a supermarket trolley. Actually, that one was already in the river as is its natural habitat. A trolley on an ice sheet. We get it. Morrision’s is a supermarket!

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