Most Annoying Advert in History

Most Annoying Advert in History

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What is the most annoying advert in history? An advert so bad that you remember it long after it has ceased being shown. My candidate has to be the AOL adverts. At this time the Internet was still a novelty and most people used a dial-up connection to get online.
To some people even connecting to the internet was a techie thing to do. AOL decided that they would guide people with a computerised Mary Poppins character called Connie that would appear, uninvited, in your house and take control of your computer. Much like the annoying bastard paperclip, ‘Clippy’ that used to appear when you began to type anything in Word except with an annoying bob haircut and whiny voice.

AOL Advert most annoying in History

AOL Advert most annoying in History

Unfortunately, the video can only convey a fraction of the patronising, annoying quality of the adverts as there does not appear to be a copy of the original ad on YouTube.

The reason why this advert is my nominee for the most annoying advert in history is Connie’s patronising attitude when ‘helping’ people. As I recall, I think that she tells the man in a rather stern voice, ‘click here’. For all she knows the guy could be a CPU designer with a PhD in computer science. (Although this does beg the question why he chose AOL in the first place.)

The other distinctive thing about this advert was her dress, which had scrolling screenshots of various different website. There was a parody of the advert in which the screenshots were porn websites.
Just like torture in a Chilean prison cell, the memory of this advert is still fresh in my brain even though the character was first shown in the late 1990s. If you can think of a better candidate for a more annoying advert then let me know.

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  • For me it’s got to be the old Admiral Insurance advert (which just beats the 24 carat, gold plated, fur-lined, ocean-going piss-guzzler of a bloke screaming ‘You buy one, you get one free’, referring to crap double glazed windows).
    For some bizarre reason, the ‘admiral’ in the Admiral Insurance advert appeared on screen dressed in character…with a buggering parrot on his shoulder! I’ve never associated admirals with parrots. Lord Nelson on the poop deck of H.M.S Victory with a parrot perched on his shoulder; I think not. I have a niggling feeling that the boffins at Admiral Insurance Advertising HQ confused high ranking Naval Officers with pirates. Most irritating.

    Comment by Paul — April 14, 2011 @ 11:37 pm

  • Ads rarely stay with me once they’ve ceased airing. I’m sure the current crop of annoying ads – yer Mazuma mobiles,yer Galaxy chocolate (“Oh. I. Know. What. I. Feel. Like. Exterminate. Exterminate.”) even the sodding Go Compare man will eventually fade in my memory. But there’s one that I think deserves to go down in infamy forever. There was a period of what seemed like a decade when every time I went to the cinema (and I went to the cinema a lot in those days), I would be greeted by Nicholas Ball growling about “catching ver larss bus ‘ome” in order to try and sell me Bacardi. It got to the point when I would deliberately take longer than usual to buy popcorn and fizzy drinks in the hope of missing the ordeal.

    Comment by Nick Xylas — June 21, 2011 @ 4:09 pm

  • The latest series of Halifax ads qualify as ace cringe-worthy follow ups to the last series (Radio Halifax). In this one they are organized into choirs with mini back stories like choir members ingratiating themselves with old ladies in the supermarket. Its disgusting because its so obviously phony and manipulative. Even worse than the creepy Wicks – its-got-our-name-on-it hardware guy and the mind-numbing fat buffoon in ‘go compare’.

    Comment by Chris Henson — October 2, 2011 @ 8:12 am

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