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Sainsbury’s Finance

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The story behind this advert is a typical scene of advertising stereotypes. A mother and her teenage son are out on a shopping trip to buy the weekly groceries. The son is an advert-safe teenager, who thinks that he is really cool, a bit of a rebel. But let’s face it, comes across as a bit of a curly haired, annoying twat.

He’s going and looking at the CDs (Incidentally, what teenagers buy CDs any more? Don’t they all have iPods? A CD is as antiquated as an 8-track tape.) In his delusional world he is so cool. He checks out the checkout girl. All the women fancy him.
The reality is that he goes shopping with his mum and cannot afford to buy a CD. Eventually, he pesters his mum to give up the gazillion nectar points that they have been saving since the dawn of time and are still worth less than the Zimbabwean dollar to buy the CD.
As they leave the supermarket car park, the teenager is seen head-banging to the new CD trying to look cool as they pass the checkout girl.He still thinks he is cool. She thinks he is a sad git. It is all rather embarrassing really. I don’t remember what the point of this advert is.

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