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Windows 7 Was My Idea

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You’ve used Windows 7, right? It’s Microsoft’s new operating system that is going to replace Windows XP. The previous operating system, Windows Vista was so terrible that users were willing to pay extra to have Windows XP installed on their computer rather than have the bloated, nanny operating system.

Windows 7 is a lot better. It doesn’t require you to buy a new computer in order to run it and it is very shiny and seems to work pretty well.
If only the adverts for Windows 7 were as good. There are several but they all have the same idea. Each one has a simpleton that believes that they came up with the idea for windows 7 and to prove this they highlight a feature of the operating system.

This guy is a particularly vacuous knob. He thinks that the minor improvement of being able to place two windows side-by-side is tantamount to programming an operating system. On this basis I hereby declare that I invented the cure for cancer because I was sitting at home thinking wouldn’t it be good if they had more up to date magazines in the doctor’s waiting room.

She invented the crystal task bar that shows the preview of a window. She told Microsoft and they did it. If only she had written it down and patented the idea. She would be rich now.

The most annoying has to be one with the gap-year type student. Annoyingly middle-class, probably just scraped through clearing into university to study golf-course management; the female equivalent of Tim Nice-But-Dim that went on a day trip to Oxford University.
Apparently, she invented the idea that you can like run things on your computer right but they don’t, like, crash or anything. She told Microsoft and they did it.

More like, I found a zero-day vulnerability in Windows and told Microsoft and they did fuck all.

There has been a lot comparison between Windows 7 and OSX, the operating system on the Mac. So the truth is that I am a Mac, and I invented Windows 7.

The advert has obviously caught people’s imagination. This one made me laugh.

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  • I have seen two versions of this advert, the girl in the taxi and the man in the gym. I think the woman in the taxi, made me want to punch, for being a stuck-up snob! As for the man in the gym, I just think he wouldn’t think about his computer on the treadmill.
    I really dispise this advert and I turn over the channel when it comes on.

    Comment by Criticize101 — February 25, 2010 @ 4:00 pm

  • Have you seen the latest ad for a new PC? It features some poor deluded fool who was ACTUALLY SATISFIED WITH HER 8-YEAR-OLD COMPUTER! Clearly she was in need of re-education, so Microsoft (or whoever is behind this ad) builds a computer store in her home, and refuses to leave until she has bought a computer she obviously didn’t need, like a good little consumer.

    Comment by Nick Xylas — June 13, 2011 @ 5:47 pm

  • Hey, you know what? I “invented” a superfluous feature that already existed in another operating system, that has since been incorporated into Windoze 7. Ergo, Windoze 7 was all my idea.

    Also, that handy feature that lets you hide internet searches etc. for porn, I mean, “anniversary presents”, from your wife? Fucking hell, as if we need to encourage any more idiots who can’t even work out how to use a browser to use the internet.

    Comment by Alex — November 15, 2011 @ 12:27 am

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